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Current Situation

Right now, it’s more important than ever that we stay home. Staying home and doing our part will not only protect ourselves from this virus but protect others and help keep our NHS strong. 

Despite this however, we still need to eat and shopping for essentials is still very much permitted. For those with their own cars, it’s simply a case of jumping within the safe confines of your own car and visiting the supermarket, ensuring you practice social distancing but what about those without their own car?

Public transport is still very much in place, albeit running on a slightly lowered schedule. Many however, have very real concerns when it comes to using public transport.

Trains & Buses - Are They Safe?

COVID-19 or Coronavirus spreads when a person infected with the virus coughs small droplets into the air. The small droplets, packed with the virus then spread within the air others breathe as well as on surrounding surfaces including hand rails, clothing and more.

As a result of this form of infection, government guidelines stipulate that we practice the above mentioned social distancing, staying a minimum of 2 metres away from anyone that doesn’t reside in our own household. This is where buses and trains become a very real problem.

Whether you’re on a train or a bus, chances are you’ll be sitting so close to the next passenger that you can quite literally touch them. It’s also worth noting that as every passenger mounts and dismounts, the buses and trains continue to run without any form of sanitisation. That means you could potentially be directly affected by the germs of hundreds of people, if not more.

This of course varies with regards to where you live and what routes you take. Those living within inner cities are without a doubt far more at risk with outer towns perhaps offering less crowded public transport. Never-the-less, risk of infection is still very much an issue and must be taken seriously.

What is the solution? Is there one?


Thankfully here at iAirport Cars, we have a private hire taxi service that can provide you with the safe transport you need. Our cars are cleaned thoroughly before use and immediately after use too.

What’s more, our drivers ensure they’re not only clean but wearing face masks and disposable gloves at all times. With our private taxi hire service, you can be taken to and from the supermarket or high street for your essential travel safe in the knowledge that you’re in the cleanest environment possible, as if it were your very own vehicle. 

If you’d like safe transport on your essential shopping runs, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Here at iAirport Cars, we’re doing all we can to provide our customers with safe and efficient transport at this difficult time. Call today on 01483 959042.

Customer Note

Please follow government guidelines before entering any of our taxis in order to protect our drivers as much as possible. We also request non-cash payments at this time to help prevent further spread of the virus. Our priority is for our passengers and our drivers during this time.

Our impressive luxury chauffeur driven fleet include E Class Mercedes with full leather interior. Our dedicated chauffeur driveline is there to simplify and enhance your chauffeur experience.


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